This page is god and goddess profiles.

   Hestia: Roman name: Vesta. Goddess of the Home. However, she gave her place as an Olympian to Dionysus, shown later.                                 Athena: Roman name, Minerva.Goddess of wisdom.                         Artemis: Roman name, Diana. Goddess of the hunt.        Hera: Roman name,Juno. Goddess of marriage.    Aphrodite: Roman name, Venus.Goddess of love  Demeter: Goddess of the harvest.

Zeus: Roman name, Jupiter. King of The Gods                  Poseidon: Roman name, Neptune. God of the Sea             Hades: Roman name,Pluto. God of the Underworld                     Apollo: Roman name, Apollo. God of Music and Poetry               Hermes: Roman name,Mercury. messenger of the Gods                    Ares: Roman name, Mars. God of War                        Hephaestus: Roman name, Vulcan. God of Fire and the Furnace      Dionysus: Roman name, Bacchus, God of Wine


                                                                                            Obviously, Athena.
                                    This is supposed to be Hera, but it looks like some type of Final Fantasy thing, like a video game.
                                                              Aphrodite. Some strange drawing. Almost looks like anime.
                                                                    Artemis.I dont know what the writing on her pic is for.
                                                                                                      Um..... Zeus.
                                                     Poseidon. Pretty easy to tell. Also, can you see Zeus in the background?
                                                                                                 Hades, I think.
                                                                                 This is Hestia, in case you're confused.
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