There are lots of heroes in greek myths,so I will tell you about them.

Heracles: Perhaps better known as Hercules because of the Disney movie, Heracles was a legendary strong man.Apparently, when young Heracles was born, because he was born between  Zeus and Alcmene, Hera, as Zeus's wife,wasnt too happy about this. Also,Heracles means ' glorious gift of Hera ' in Greek.So, she sent snakes to bite young Heracles in his cradle.However, even then, he was pretty strong, and strangled them.                  

 Jason:Jason went to look for the Golden Fleece.He assembled a group of heroes called the Argonauts after their ship, the Argo.Eventually, he got the Fleece. His group included Boreads, (son of the north wind, Boreas,) who could fly. Also Heracles(see above)Philoctetes, Peleus,Telamon,Orpheus,Castor and Pollux, Atalanta, and Ephemus.
 Theseus:King Minos of Crete waged war with Athens and won.Then he demanded that Athens give him seven girls and boys every seven years to feed the Minotaur.Theseus, son of Aegeus,(see above pic of theseus defeating the minotaur) went to defeat the Minotaur(check Monsters).Ariadne, daughter of Minos, fell in love with him, and gave him a skein of the Golden Fleece to find his way out of the Labyrinth(where the Minotaur was kept, made by Daedalus).He killed the Minotaur   and, true to his word, he took her with him when he left. However, they stopped on the island of Naxos. Ariadne fell asleep, and Theseus left without her.
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