This is how the gods were created, according to Greek mythology.

    Cronos was the youngest son of Uranus and Gaia, one of the titans(see the titans, above.)But he wasnt happy. He wanted to rule.So, one night  while Uranus was sleeping, Cronos attacked him and threw him into the pit of Tartarus.As he was falling, Uranus said,"You will fall as I have fallen.Your own child will defeat you".Obviously, he wasnt too happy about this.  

    Slowly he conquered the world, and became master of all things on it.With no one to stop him, Cronos took Rhea, daughter of Gaia, as his wife. She had five children. But, after she had them, Cronos took each baby and swallowed it whole. So he made it that his fathers prophecy could never be. Or so he thought.    

    Now, Rhea knew she would soon have another child, so she went looking for a place to hide it. As she flew over Mount Dicte, she heard voices calling to her. Rhea went down and saw the Kind Ones, a mother goat, Amalthea, and two tree spirits.They offered to hide her baby. She was so desperate that she agreed. Her brothers, the Curetes, were called upon to protect it. She had the baby and named it Zeus.

    Rhea had a plan.She went to Cronos with a bundle of blankets in her arms.He said, "Another baby? Its mine!" And he took it and swallowed it whole. However, he didnt realize it was a rock.

    Zeus grew up on Mount Dicte with Amalthea. In the meantime, Rhea stayed far away from Mount Dicte, so Cronos wasnt suspicious. She went to her sister, Metis, who knew Cronos's weakness. Metis mixed up a potion to give Cronos in his wine.

     The next day Rhea brought Zeus into the palace dressed as a servant. She said, "I have brought this boy to be your servant."    "Fill my cup, beardless boy" he snarled. Zeus' s hand shook as he poured the wine. "Why did you bring me such a weakling?" While raging at Rhea, he didnt notice  as Zeus's shaking hand poured the powder into the wine.

      Cronos drank his wine. '' POISON!!!!!!! '' he screamed.  "POISON!!!!'' What was actually happening was that Rhea's other 5 children, Hestia,Hades,Hera,Poseidon,and Demeter. They had become tall and strong and were breaking out. Out they came, and Cronos ran away.

      The Young Immortals banded together and made a fortress on Mount Olympus.Later, Cronos came back with his brothers, the Titans. And so the War of the Gods began. After a long and bloody battle, the young immortals won. And so the gods ruled, and the Age of the Gods began.   


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