There are many monsters in Greek mythology. I will tell you about the ones I know and a little info about  them.

Gorgons:The most well known is Medusa.

Furies:The three sisters made from Uranus's blood to torment Cronos.Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The Graeae: Three sisters who have one tooth and eye between them.

Sirens: Giant bird looking women who use their sweet voices to lure people to their island. When they do the eat them.

Harpys: Know as the women death birds who snatch food and even people

Minotaur: Part man, part bull who dwelt in the middle of the labyrinth, he was eventually killed by Theseus

Chimera: The offspring of Typhon and Echidna, lion fronted, snake behind, and goat in the middle

Cerberus: Is the giant three- headed dog that guards the underworld.

Sphinx:A half woman, half lion creature that asks anyone she captures riddles, and if they can't answer, she eats them. 

Cyclopes: have one eye, look like humans, and are master smiths (they made Zeus' famous thunderbolt)

Centaur: Half horse, half human

Hydra: Many headed creature. when you cut off one head 2 new heads appear, one of the twelve labors of Heracles

Orthrus: The twin of Cerberus, except it has two heads not three

Nemean Lion: Vicious monster with fur like steel. First of Heracles's 12 labors 

Scylla and Charybdis: Guardian of the Sea of Monsters

Boar of Calydon: It was created to ravage the land of Calydon because its king failed to honor the Olympian Artemis which caused the Carydon hunt in which the boar was killed.

Stymphalian Birds: Metallic birds that Heracles had to defeat for one of his labors.

Hundred Handed Ones:Relatives of the Cyclopes, but huge and have a hundred hands.

Some of these monsters are good some are bad and a few are more like guardians.


 This is a Chimera.
 This is another, slightly better, picture of Cerberus.
 I think this is a sphinx.
 Um.... a Minotaur, I think.
 Sirens.... I think.
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